The 17th June 2019 marks our youngest son’s first day in big school, together with this big brother. This is the start of the days when no one is at home but me, and that happens while Geoff our youngest is in school for more than three hours.

You can’t hide Geoff’s excitement for this day.

This three hour of my me time at home gives me mixed emotion. Honestly, as a mother, I sometimes feel that I got no time for myself at all because being a hands-on mother is a duty that you take more than 24 hours a day. But suddenly, I am alone for three hours or so.

Geoff, in the middle of his new classmates in Kindergarten.

With this, it feels that that three hours is not enough with what I lined up for my self to do. One of the things I plan to focus on is to go back into blogging. Yes, blogging it is. My old and defunct blog was way back more than five years ago and its finally coming back.

Another thing I am now gathering all my energy to finally start a youtube channel. Yes, you’ve read it right, a YOUTUBE channel. This is kinda new to me, but I know I will be able to carry it, hopefully, it will just be as easy as when I was starting my first blog. But no matter what, I will do it.

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