Funny but real, I feel guilty having this feeling but the three hours my little boy is away in school gives me the feeling that there are plenty of things that I can keep myself busy while the kids are in school and I get to have my ME TIME. Since I started being a full time mother when my youngest turns one, it is only now that I will have a few hours alone with myself without the kids.

0n the way to school. We can’t hide everyone’s excitement.
He just can’t get enough of picture taking.

Mixed emotion is what I am feeling. I feel relieved for the 3 hours everyday during weekdays that I have no children around and I can do my blogging, being in social media, starting my own youtube channel, clean the house, etc. However, I am afraid too that this can be the start of them being away from me little by little. I will miss the boys running and screaming around the house, the house that used to be full of mess will be empty walls and chairs, having meals without the kids that I need to attend to.

All of a sudden, I started to reminisce with all the times my two boys are just around the house. This is a reality of times really flies fast and you will only treasure the time you had when its over and you are finished with it.

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