Getting freebies is always great. Who doesn’t like freebies!

I found this amazing app in playstore called SNIPPET MEDIA. Snippet Media is a free application you download and get to read news, watch videos, play games and most of all earn money.

Getting Snippet Media will not cost you anything which is really great. However, using this application will give you earnings. For example, if you read news article and watch videos a timer will start to give you indication when you will earn Kaching for reading it. A lucky chest can be opened every 2 hours to get free kachings as well.

What I wanted to high light with this free application is that you will be able to get free GCash funds. You will earn peso reward upon signing up as well as when you share this application to your friends and family.

I have beed using this application for a quite a period of time and I find it good and interesting because it gives me earnings without making me spend anything. Should you want to try it, you can download SNIPPET MEDIA from the playstore and use this code to get your free GCash fund right away.

Invitation code to be used: 2346500

Anything you need to ask about this that I did not mention, feel free to message me.

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