Vancalapano Vlog

They say the hardest part is to start something. And I say that too! Finally, I was able able to kickstart my vlog.

My Youtube account has been set up way before. I had it since 2013 and since then, I have had at the back of my mind to have a youtube channel. Thanks God, I had the courage and the will to air my first vlog yesterday. That took me about 6 years to start.

Since I am a full time mother, I will be discussing a lot about what I do everyday which is to run the household and take care of my two boys. Of course, making money online will not be out of the picture, I will talk about it too. I guess trying to make money online has been an obsession to many mothers who does not have the freedom to leave the house to find a job. Plus, being a fur mom to our three lovely furry cats Max, Pickles and Jasper.

My very first youtube video is here. I am hoping you subcribe and watch it.

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