Gadgets are those really helpful?

Nowadays, kids have been exposed to gadgets such as mobile phones and gaming consoles. In fact, my five year old kid already knew how to use the PC mouse at the age of three. He learnt this first compared to using a pen and a paper to write.

One of the reason I think this is happening is that most of us adults are also into so much gadgets too. Nobody can even leave the house without having a mobile phone inside his pocket. If we count the instances when a child see a gadget held by the adults around him or her, versus the number of times he sees the adult holding a pen and paper. We already know the answer, right?

As a parent, I feel bad when I want my kids to stop using the gadget but they don’t want to and soon enough argument will start. My husband too is so much into playing mobile games. His gaming made a huge influence with our elder son who plays mobile games too. I myself is guilty. Though I do not play games, I am into so much social media network because I am always on the look out for anything to make money online.

The challenge in making a gadget-balanced living is something under our noses but never realized. The fact that we depend so much into gadgets to make our life easy is giving a negative effect to our youth. Why are these gadgets made to help us so much as well as to make us miserable? How I hope that we all realize how these gadgets help us and at the same time makes us miserable.

This is even a question of me for myself.

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