Busy Saturday

It’s a usual Saturday today and its always a busy day for me. I woke up at around six in the morning and done the daily routine of preparing the breakfast. It’s an easy to breakfast to preprare because its just Pandesal and coffee for me, milk for the kids and the chocolate flavored rice pouridge.

After the breakfast, I went ahead to do the laundry. The children’s uniform are always done by hand. I will usually soak the clothes overnight to remove the hard stain on it and then I will brush each to ensure all dirts are removed.

Once all the whites are cleaned I will soak it one more time in laundry detergent and put it under direct sunlight for at least two hours. This is an old fashioned way of keeping whites looks new and glowing.

Right now I am relaxing just after finishing the routine laundry for the uniform and in a bit later, I will go ahead and prepare lunch. My husband will arrive early in the afternoon today because its a no-workday tomorrow for him.

As a homemaker, the never ending work at home is more than enough for the day to finish. Its important to prioritize which needs to be done first to ensure all that are necessary are accomplished. Alongside of being aht full time mother, I also have a small retail business that I managed at home. Its also something that keeps me preoccupied and most of the time lack time for my own.

Nevertheless, everyday is a challenging day and Im always up for it when its for the whole families good.

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