Killing the Time

It is school day again today and as usual I sent my son to school by my self. Then I ran some errand in the market before I go back home. Unexpectedly, it took me longer than I should have because I got hungry and I ate fresh lumpia in one of the small dine-in food store in the market.

Because of that, I think it will be useless to go home and leave again after about 20 minutes or so to pick up my son again in school. Therefore, I am now loiterring in a mall here nearby the public market to kill time. Not really loitering because I found time to write a quick blog entry.

Earlier in school, I was asking around if there is any school service available for my younger son. Well, the security guard took my details so the service provider can get back to me and see if we can arrange a school service for Geoff. Hopefully, there would be a good result for this.

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