My Daily Routine

As a full time mother, home maker, vlogger, and mom-preneur I would say that my daily routine is composed of so many things that I need to do on a regular basis but not able to do it all consistently. It may look that I am not busy because I do not have a regular job or a regular employee whatever you wanna call it but I am as busy as a bee.

I would have to get up in the morning especially on weekday before the clock strikes five even if I don’t want to. Dragging myself to the kitchen should be a quick one since I need to fix breakfast for the kids and prepare them to school. Food should be ready in less than 15 minutes upon waking up because if not, it would mean being late for the school service.

My daily routine is what you can see soon on my Youtube vlog. Feel free to visit and see how I manage everything. You also don’t want to miss my cute cats that is with me anywhere I go in the house.

Please visit my Youtube Vlog as well here.

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