Win Cash or Oppo A5

I am not very secretive about my youtube channel that I am trying to establish. It has been ongoing for few months already and I was trying to work on this channel very well. Many are aware of the struggle every small youtubers undergo in order to gain the required subscribers and watch hours before we can start to earn

To help me gain subscribers and make people know that my channel exist, I am starting a raffle for every subscriber on my channel. The cash raffle of P500 are for free joiners. This means that as long as you subscribe to my channel, you are entitled to win P500 cash if you will be the lucky winner. Two lucky winners for P500 will be drawn. To win the brand new Oppo A5, you will have to pay P100 for the raffle entry.

Oppo A5 has very good features and you will not regret to join for the price of P100 if you get lucky and bag the prize. I made a video here to feature the specs of the unit, show you what it can do, and to check the mechanics as well. Visit here to watch the video

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