How to Pay Pag-Ibig Housing Loan Using Gcash

Free of service charge is no longer application. There is a convenience fee of P7 when you use Gcash app to pay your Pag-Ibig housing loan.

Paying your housing loan from Pag-ibig using Gcash is a great help for people who are always on the go. I have used Gcash to pay my Pag-Ibig housing loan and I never experience any issue since the beginning. You may fund your Gcash via 711 so you can use it to pay your Pag-ibig loan. Putting funds to your Gcash via 711 is free of charge while paying your Pag-ibig housing loan will cost you only P7.00 on top of your payable.

If by this post you intend to use Gcash but you don’t have an account here, you can use this link below. With this, you can even get an instant Gcash fund worth P50 upon completing your sign up. CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK

What details you need in order to process the payment via GCash?

  • Housing Account No (or)
  • Payment Reference Number
  • Exact amount you need to pay
  • Date covered of your payment
This is where you can find the PRN on your bill.
This is where you can find the Housing Account No on your bill.

Log in to your Gcash Application. Ensure you have enough fund for the amount you need to pay and the payment convenience fee of P7.00 for using the Gcash App.

To pay, click PAY BILLS on your Gcash App options. Select GOVERNMENT next, considering that Pag-Ibig is a government agency. Lastly, choose PAG IBIG.

You will be taken to the part where you need to enter important information for your payment. Be very careful, if you have saved copy of the bill from Pag-Ibig, its is always best to copy and paste either the PRN or the Housing Account no to ensure accuracy. Then input all necessary details.

You have an option to receive a copy of the payment confirmation on your email so you may input your valid email address on the field given. The email confirmation will be sent to you at once when your payment is complete.

If you need a video tutorial on how you can actually pay using your Gcash, please watch this on my youtube channel. Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button after watching the video on how you can pay your Pag-Ibig housing loan via Gcash.

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