Thank You, Gina Lopez

When one doesn’t have much, one treasures every little bit” I am personally touched by this teaching from Gina Lopez. This phrase, is exactly the phase I am going on at this chapter of my life.

I will not be honest if I will not admit that I knew Gina Lopez even before. I am the kind of person who does not bother a lot when it comes to charity, news, advocacy and environment. However, I am deeply touched by the news of Gina Lopez’s passing because she is all over the news.

Upon hearing all those good news, feedback, her legacy, her advocacy, basically everything about her is just good news, who am I not to read all that is good about her. Upon hearing all the news around that is talking about her good deeds and everything, I feel that I am blessed to know all these things about her.

This phrase, “When one doesn’t have much, one treasures every little bit” is my favorite about her. I can definitely relate to it. This phrase is exactly what my reflection is. I am not what I am today if not because of my experiences in life. Knowing that my experience are far from what the late Gina Lopez is, I still have a lot to thank her for whatever she had done for everyone all her life.

I salute you Mam Gina Lopez. Thank your for your legacy.

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