Just Go On

One of my previous post was about my regrets in life about a number of things that I was not able to do. I felt like I wasted so many years not knowing where I should really focus and not knowing what I really value in life.

Half of me is saying that I wasted it all and half of me is saying I still got time and I can still make it. It would really depend on which I would choose to pursue. I choose to continue and believe that I can still make it. It’s not yet late, I just have to start now and not tomorrow. I just have to go on.

Having the right mindset has a broad meaning and it would still be based on what we value the most. I’m proud to say that I now know what I would like to focus on, and that is being able to add source of small means of income and trying to deminish unnecessary expenses.

Proper guidance is also important and I am thankful that I recently reunited with an old friend whom I know that I can ask guidance for. To me being a financial guru to ask advise is a big factor so we should know who we are going to ask; however being able to freely talk and say what ever you want to someone matters equally. This is why I feel lucky I have this friend by my side. I need not mention her, but she knows who she is to me.

So I just go on. Continue to push myself and believe I can.

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