My Realization

Didn’t I mentioned before that I had reunited with my long lost friend Mavic. Just a quick intro about Mavic, is that she is the kind of person I am aloof at first because she doesn’t look friendly to me. Well, that was my honest side talking, please do not get me wrong, Mavic is a dear friend of mine.

That talk with Mavic was a start of a realization I have never expected. All along, I thought I was that kind of girl who is “matipid” and knows how to manage my finances. In the beginning, I was telling Mavic that we are on a financial situation and I do not know exactly how to address it though I know in my mind that I have to do something. Mavic convinced to enlist everything that I spend for on a daily basis. She said I have to write everything on the list even it only cost 0.25 cents.

Just of the sake of following her, I did try to do it. Honestly, I never intended to enlist everything seriously and I did not set a time of until when I will enlist whatever I buy. I was surprised to my self I was listing everything I but on a daily basis. Even my groceries and every I buy at the market was enlisted. In the end, everything was listed and I found myself seriously making a computation of what I have spend during the day every night.

With this daily list and computation every night, I was able to finally say that this is what I have and this is what I have spent. In the end, the biggest problem is in front of me. The financial deficit is in front of me telling me HELLO, I AM HERE AND YOU NEVER REALIZED!!!

Immediately, I discussed everything to my husband and he was astound as well. We are going to face a dilemma soon and we have to act quick. Addition of another way to earn is our next move. I am looking forward to looking for an extra income to help my husband in this situation.

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